Clean your arteries with GHS Plus

Nutritional Arterial Cleansing to Eliminate Heart Disease


There Is A Solution To The Main Reason Of Death In North America And Europe!  
Your clogged arteries are the major cause of Heart Attack, Stroke and other diseases.

Now you can get the nutrition you need to fight back and remove the plaque from your blood vessels with a Multi-Vitamin Arterial Cleansing Formula.

Restore Vital Blood Flow and Avoid:

Heart Attack Angina
Stroke Coronary Bypass Surgery
Angioplasty And more!

Heart Disease...

Itís an ugly word. Itís an even uglier reality. But there is an answer. You know it. You have to take care of yourself. Right? And youíll be okay.

Uh huh.

Dear Friend and Fellow Survivor,

You know the statistics. Heart disease is the biggest killer in the developed world. Itís scary. Itís scarier if youíve been diagnosed with it yourself. I know.

Many people today believe they are safe because they are careful with their diet and get regular exercise.

The fact is . . . these things are not enough!

Did you know that the author of the book ďRun For Your LifeĒ dropped dead of a heart attack while jogging?

In addition to sensible lifestyle choices you must supplement your diet with essential nutrients that cleanse the plaque out of your arteries. There are newer, nutritional type of products that dissolve the fats that make up the plaque in your blood vessels and repair the damage to your arterial walls, (which caused the plaque formation in the first place) dilate your arteries and make your blood more slippery for better blood flow, dissolve small blood clots, promote collateral arteries, and prevent new plaque build-up.

Use nutritional arterial cleansing to avoid heart problems and stroke with a powerful, advanced, cardiovascular support formula called GHS Plus.

This special natural formula was developed over a period of 15 years and has a highly proven track record with successful use by tens of thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.

The GHS Plus arterial cleansing formula gives your body the special nutritional combination it needs to make LPL in your arterial walls. LPL is short for Lipoprotein Lipase - a critical enzyme capable of breaking down fat molecules.
LPL slowly, naturally and painlessly dissolves your arterial plaque like a bar of soap dissolves little by little with your daily shower and washes painlessly away in your bloodstream, like the soapy water that disappears down your bathtub drain.

Further, the GHS Plus arterial cleansing formula causes your arteries to dilate (enlarge your arteries improving blood flow), repairs arterial wall damage, makes your blood more slippery for better blood flow, dissolves small blood clots floating in your blood and can help avoid new plaque build-up from forming.

Also our GHS Plus usually helps to lower your cholesterol, triglycerides, homocysteine and C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels...nutritionally.

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Plaque . . . The Silent Killer

To survive and stay healthy . . You must remove the plaque from your arteries as well as prevent plaque building up!

GHS Plus will . . .

  • Cleanse your arteries of plaque buildup using only nutrition.

  • Prevent new blockages from forming, safeguarding your future years. 

  • Prevent gangrene formation in toes and feet of diabetics.

  • Detoxify your body, neutralizing the negative effects of toxins we all face everyday. 

  • Provide all the vitamin/mineral supplemental nutrition you need to look and feel your best.

GHS Plus provides an inexpensive and simple nutritional solution to eliminating the silent killer, clogged arteries, without life threatening and costly invasive procedures or drugs.

Thousands of people just like you are now easily protecting their heart health through prevention . . . because they know . . .

There is a better way!

Now you can REVERSE the effects of clogged arteries with . . .

GHS Plus
Multi-Vitamin Arterial Cleansing Formula

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Dear Friend,

I really mean it when I say ďI beat heart disease and you can too!Ē

Both my parents died of congestive heart failure. Both lived on heart medication and diuretics for many years which limited the quality of their lives. At age 77 I was diagnosed for possible congestive heart failure. I suffered limited energy, shortness of breath, and swollen ankles. I knew there had to be a better way then living on drugs, risking a heart attach or stroke, and limiting the quality of my life. In my search I found GHS Plus which had been around for years in places around the world, but not in the U.S. I imported it and within months I began to turn my life around. I had said NO to heart disease and YES to a vibrant life without drugs. 

Yes, GHS Plus changed my life. I have more energy now than in over 30 years. I think better, I move better, I work better, I AM better! 

Ira Marxe
Sedona, Arizona

Donít Gamble With Your Health . . .

Get GHS Plus Multi-Vitamins & Minerals Nutritional Arterial Cleansing Formula Today

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GHS Plus

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Nutritional removal of arterial plaque is a slow process, with blood flow starting to improve within weeks.

Like good nutritious food, you need to take GHS Plus every day with your meals, day in, day out, month in month out, to complete the removal of plaque from your arteries and prevent new plaque formation.

Our monthly auto-ship plan guarantees you will receive a fresh bottle, on time, every month, to meet this need.


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Fifty years ago, there were relatively few who suffered heart disease before the age of sixty. Today it is not uncommon for the victims of heart attacks to be in their mid-thirties.
Avoid Heart Disease and Protect Your Heart!

Clean your clogged arteries with a natural formula:
GHS Plus

Thank You!
Your Heart Protector Team

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